AARP Foundation Montana Tax-Aide 

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is the largest free, volunteer-run tax assistance and preparation program in the United States.  In Montana, we offer in-person tax preparation help to anyone for both federal and Montana state taxes.  Our services are free of charge, focusing on, but not exclusive to, taxpayers who are 50 or older and are low to middle income or to those who cannot afford paid tax preparation. There is no sales pitch and AARP membership is not required.

For current information, please visit our new web site at:

For Montana Tax Payers

We will prepare your Montana State and Federal tax returns for free.

Even though you may not itemize deductions for your Federal Return, it is still better for many people to itemize on their Montana Taxes. Be sure you bring in your medical expenses, taxes paid, charitable contributions and any other deductible items you may have. 

If you don't owe Federal taxes, we advise you to file anyway to avoid possible identity thieft.

What we can do

We will prepare any federal return that falls within the scope of our volunteer training which includes most items on form 1040.

We will prepare Montana State Tax returns and electronically send both forms for free, which will speed your refund.

Some items that are out of scope include rental property income, farm income, certain income on Schedule K-1, moving expenses, loss from self employment business.

brokerage accounts 

If you have investments in a Brokerage account, please make sure you have your 1099's from each account. Many brokerage firms expect you to go on-line to download your 1099's. We need all pages of your Brokerage statements.

we need volunteers for the 2024 tax season

We are looking for volunteers who aren't afraid of numbers, comfortable with computers, and/or like meeting new people.  We need:

Tax-Preparers  to fill out tax returns (we'll train you and you'll get IRS certified) 

Client Facilitators to welcome taxpayers and get them organized

If you have no previous experience preparing taxes, you'll get the training you need.  If preparing taxes isn't for you, consider a meet and greet position.  Every little thing we can do to help our community, our friends and neighbors is so valuable.  If this isn't for you, maybe you know someone who would like to be of service.  We need your help.  

Please leave a message at (406) 285-1715 and a leader will give you a call.