Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Welcome to the free tax preparation program provided by AARP Volunteers. The process has changed significantly due to COVID-19 and seeks to minimize personal contact. This year due to Covid-19 precautions, Intake and Returns will all be done at the

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

1621 Thornton Ave, Butte, MT

Below are the steps you need to take to get your tax return prepared.


Please call (406)782-8106 to schedule your appointment date and time


You be asked to pick up a Packet at one of the locations prior to your

appointment. Please complete the forms in the packet and bring them with

you to your appointment. Include a copy of your last years return along

with the following:

Form 13614-C Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet

All documents listed on the Checklist

Worksheet for itemized deductions


Please arrive at the time of your appointment as there is NO waiting


Bring your own pen

Bring a picture ID and a copy of your tax return from last year

When you arrive at ALDERSGATE CHURCH enter through the usual

entrance door

A volunteer will review your Form 13614-C with you, inventory your

documents and answer any questions you may have at that time.

Form 14446 must be signed by you (and your spouse) to complete

this process. Your documents will then be placed in an AARP

envelope and put in a secured box to be handed off to a volunteer preparer.

*Note: Your tax return will not be ready immediately. You will be contacted

when your taxes have been prepared.



While your tax return is being prepared remotely by a local volunteer, you may be called with questions by two different volunteers - a Preparer and a Reviewer. If you do not answer, a contact number will be left in your voicemail.


  • You will be called to back when your tax return is completed so

  • you can review your completed Tax Return and sign the

  • authorization form

  • Bring your own pen

Bring a picture ID, a volunteer will verify your identity using

your Picture ID

A volunteer reviewer will review your tax return with you.

A volunteer reviewer will provide you with Form 8879 (IRS e-file Signature Authorization). By signing Form 8879 you agree that the responsibility for the accuracy of the information on the return is yours. Both you and your spouse (if applicable), will be required to sign, giving AARP permission to E-file your return.

You will receive the printed copy of your Tax Return and the tax documents you provided initially. You are then free to leave the site.

Be sure to keep your Tax Return, Intake Booklet and tax Documents inside the AARP provided envelope and store in a safe place for next year.

Posted 01/19/2023