How to Remove Account Profiles from chromebooks

How To Remove Account Profiles from Chromebooks

  • · Click on the clock (digital time of day)

  • Click Sign out

  • · When the logon screen appears, click on the little triangle next to your name and Remove Account. Remove any and all accounts from the Chromebook.

What happens in Fall if Chromebooks are stored without first removing all TY2021 Profiles

If a Chromebook is stored for the off-season with any Account Profiles left on it, those Profiles must be Removed at startup in the Fall before doing anything . Do not try to logon to a Profile left over from TY2022 using last season’s password. It will look like you’re logged on, but you are only logged on to last year’s Profile still stored on your Chromebook. You will not be logged on to the TY2022 Google account created for you with all the latest resources. You will wind up having to submit a OneSource Request to get your account straightened out. Best to just remove all Profiles from the last tax season.

Click on Time

Click on sign out

Click on 'V' to right of NAME

Click on Remove Account

Click on Remove Account AGAIN

When Sign in to your Chromebook screen appears account profile deleted