Wearing masks is required throughout your interactions with Tax-Aide volunteers. If you are unwilling to wear a mask, you must go elsewhere for your tax preparation.

Please remember, the volunteers who are on site during open hours there only to assist taxpayers with scheduled appointments. They are not available to answer questions or otherwise assist taxpayers. This is for everyone's safety during the pandemic.

In order for us to prepare your taxes, you will need to leave your documents with us. While we would prefer you leave copies with us, we will accept original documents. We will schedule a time for you to return to pick up your completed return.

Before your appointment

  • Stop by the site during open hours or download the information you need for your appointment.

  • Review the Document Checklist to make sure you have all the required tax forms.

  • Gather all of your tax forms, take them out of the envelopes and make copies if you do not want to leave the originals with us.

  • Fill out the Intake Book, the Itemized Deduction worksheet and any other applicable forms.

  • Review and sign any forms requiring a signature. If married, filing jointly, both spouses must sign.

Day of appointment

  • Make sure you do not have any COVID symptoms. If you do, follow the steps on the provided appointment worksheet.

  • Have all of your forms completed and signed before you come to your appointment.

  • Your tax documents should be ready to hand to a counselor, not in their envelopes.

  • Do not arrive for you appointment early and do not bring anyone else to the appointment unless you need their assistance.

  • Bring your own pen.


The forms you will need to fill out before your appointment depend upon your situation. Please download and complete all forms needed for your taxes.

All Taxpayers:

Please review COVID-19 Screening and the Document Checklist for the information you need for your appointment. Complete the Intake Booklet, and Itemized Deduction & Other info Worksheet.

Self-Employed (Schedule C) Taxpayers:

Please complete the Self-Employed Schedule C Worksheet and the COVID Self-Employed Worksheet if you were unable to work due to the pandemic.

Taxpayers with Education Expenses:

Please complete the Education Credits Worksheet to see if you're eligible for education credits.

Taxpayers with a COVID-Related Retirement Distribution:

Please complete the COVID Retirement Distribution Worksheet.