Please Volunteer


This year we will be moving back to the Missoula Senior Center. We do not have phone contacts or opening dates at this time.

Bitterroot Valley

Due to a shortage of volunteers, we will not be opening the Stevensville site this year, but we will be preparing taxes in both Hamilton and Missoula. Volunteers are needed to help us to continue to provide our services.

Please volunteer

In Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley, we are looking for Tax Preparers and Client Facilitators to join our team of volunteers for the upcoming tax season.

  • Tax Preparers: Work with taxpayers to fill out tax returns. Even if you have no previous experience, you'll get the training you need to receive IRS certification.

  • Client Facilitators: Welcome taxpayers, help organize their paperwork, and manage the overall flow of service.

If you are interested in talking to us about our program, please apply for a position on-line at, fill in the contact information below or leave a message at 406.285.1131 and a local volunteer will get in touch with you. Training will start soon.