powell County Court House Deer Lodge

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Welcome to the free tax preparation program provided by AARP Volunteers. The process has changed significantly due to COVID-19 and seeks to minimize personal contact. This year due to Covid-19 precautions, Intake and Returns will all be done at the

Powell County Court House

409 Missouri Ave Ste 109

Below are the steps you need to take to get your tax return prepared.


  • At this time we are not scheduling appointments but are creating a contact list for appointments. To get on our contact list please call (406)-846-9789 and provide your Name, Telephone number and Email address.

  • You will be contacted by an AARP Tax-Aide Volunteer to schedule your appointment date and time. Appointments will be Monday 9:00 to 3:00

2. FORMs REQUIRED & Helpful

A. If you have Internet access - Please print the following forms and complete them -

Form 13614-C Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet (aka)Intake Booklet,

(form 13614-C may be completed with your computer after you download a copy. aka fillable)

Helpful for collecting and summarizing information we need to prepare your return

Document Checklist

Worksheet for Stimulus Payments, Itemized Deduction and other Information

· B. If you do not have Internet Access the above forms will be provided at your scheduled appointment and completed at that time. Please allow extra time to complete the forms.


  • Read the following COVID-19 Screening before your appointment

  • A wearing a mask is REQUIRED to enter the Powell County Court House

  • A. Forms 13614-C - A volunteer will check your documents and answer any questions you may have. Your documents will then be scanned and returned to you in an AARP envelope.

  • B. Forms NOT completed - A volunteer will provide you a sanitized clipboard with form 13614-C that is required to be filled out. Complete the form in a designated area. A volunteer will check the documents and answer any questions you may have.


  • While your tax return is being prepared by a local volunteer, you will be asked to wait in the court house waiting area.

  • A volunteer reviewer will review your tax return with you.

  • A volunteer reviewer will provide you with Form 8879 (IRS e-file Signature Authorization). By signing Form 8879 you agree that the responsibility for the accuracy of the information on the return is yours. Both you and your spouse (if applicable), will be required to sign, giving AARP permission to E-file your return.

  • You will receive the printed copy of your Tax Return and you are free to leave the site.

  • Be sure to keep your Tax Return, Intake Booklet and tax Documents inside the AARP provided envelope and store in a safe place for next year.

  • When return has been filed, a volunteer will safely destroy any copies of your documents in order to protect your personal information.