Chromebooks - for every Chromebook before putting in storage

Charge Battery to at least 80%

· Sign in on chromebook

· Install latest OS version - Click link See How to Update Chrome OS

Remove Account Profiles - Click link See How To Remove Account Profiles from Chromebooks

· Storage Mode - See below How to shut down in Storage Mode only if not being run again until Fall/Winter

How to shut down in Storage Mode

· Storage Mode reduces battery discharge and keeps the Chromebook in a stable, power-off state.

· Make sure the Chromebook is connected to a charger and powered on

· Hold the Refresh (above 4) and Power keys at the same time.

· While holding these keys, remove the power cable from the Chromebook and then release the keys. The device should shut down and remain off.

· Confirm the battery disconnect worked by pressing the power button. The device should not power on again until it is plugged into a power source.

· Do not leave the Chromebooks plugged in over the shutdown.

· Physical storage See below How to Store Chromebooks, Printers and Scanners- Best Practices

· Inventory Update, record Off-season Custodian/Location

Printers and Scanners

· Physical Storage:

How to Store Chromebooks, Printers and Scanners- Best Practices

· Store your Chromebooks, Printers and Scanners in a cool, dry place.

· The recommended temperature ranges between 50°F to 86°F

· Chromebooks should be stored either in their laptop bags or the original packing boxes. Printers and Scanners should be stored in original packing boxes or other protective bins.

· Remove the toner cartridge (but NOT the drum) from the printer and put it in a black plastic bag. It will need to be stored flat.

· Chromebooks stored in storage facilities should be in an insulated and enclosed unit. The unit should also be climate controlled, locked and have 24-hour staffed security if possible. Do not store Chromebooks in vehicles, outdoor storage or portable storage units or any location that cannot be climate controlled.

Inventory Update, record Off-season Custodian/Location


· Labels: Label each with Location name (WAN), IP address (LAN) and Firmware version